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Fighting Prejudice One Issue At A Time

~ HIV+ blood mixed with regular ink and, suddenly, we have a revolution on our hands. Personally, I think this idea is not only bold, but makes the right statement. It’s time to stop living in fear of those affected by HIV/AIDS. True, we do live in more accepting times, however, the stigma still remains. If it didn’t then why are so many people in an uproar about what Vangardist Magazine did? Just food for thought.

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Ship It!

An adorable Harry Potter fan spin off video about romance, heartbreak, new love and the battle of the bands. Do I ship it? Why yes, yes I do. 😉

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Write On Your Own Books

A valid (and slightly humorous) short defending the validity of note taking in your books. Follow the link , watch the video and then decide if marginalia is right for you.


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The Joy of Books: A Quaint Stop Motion Video


A whimsical stop motion video done by Sean Ohlenkamp for Type Books. All books featured in this short film can be purchased at the Type Books Bookstore.

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40 Weird Word Origins

~ Mental Floss and John Green giving us a humorous scoop on word origins.

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On Writing

~ Authoress Meg Cabot giving insightful advice on how to tackle the writing process.

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Dot Dot Dot

A prime example of why grammar should never be ignored.

Brought to you by Ricepirate

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What banned book are you reading?

The Association of American Publishers asked authors their views on banned books, as well as their favorite banned books.

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Mumford & Sons, White Blank Page (Bookshop Sessions)

~ Mumford & Sons singing a song I often write to. Added bonus: They are singing said song in a bookshop!

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Jane Austen’s Fight Club

This is awesome wrapped in cuts and manners. Like Jane Austen? Like Fight Club? Then you’ll love this.

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