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This One Is For You Horror Writers


Because I am still in the Halloween spirit, I decided to create a playlist for the occasion. On Spotify you will find The Macabre Playlist which features songs to inspire horror writers and horror fans alike. I will be updating this playlist periodically as well, so you will always have something new to listen to. Here’s the link:


  • As a side note: My username is Webbgirl88 on Spotify. If (for whatever reason) the link is broken, I thought knowing my username would help in you quest to jam out. =)
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98 Hours of Shakespeare? Yes, Please!

Ulysses’ Classical, a station on Spotify, gives listeners a chance to tune in to 98 hours worth of William Shakespeare. It compiles the best performances of famous actors reciting and acting in Shakespeare’s plays. Read the Smithsonian.com article below to find out more about this playlist:


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Late Night Reading Soundtrack

Late Night Reading Soundtrack

Late Night Reading – [listen on 8tracks] / [listen on spotify]

1. the violet hour – the civil wars // 2. avril 14th – aphex twins // 3. coast off – helios // 4. sigur 3 (untitled) – sigur ros // 5. your hand in mine – explosions in the sky // 6. intro – the xx // 7. south tree – helios // 8. happiness – jonsi and alex // 9. staralfur – sigur ros // 10. hungry face – mogwai



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