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Armchair Reading


  • Anybody else end up moving around their chair, bed, sofa or floor like this? I swear I always end up in weird poses while reading.

Source: Atomic Samba (FB)

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Thinking of All the Books I’ll Be Getting


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First: Bookish Problems. . . .

~ Something funny, yet all too relatable for my followers. Enjoy!

PS The author for this video is tagged below. Their name is buzzfeedviolet.

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The Struggle of Carrying More Than Two Books. . .

Because you might finish the first and, maybe, not get into the second book, so then you’ll have nothing to read. Other bookworms will feel my pain here. This gif sums it up perfectly: 


Indeed Boromir. Indeed. 

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Reality: No Match for Imagination

tumblr_noq7i53N6y1qele20o1_r1_540* Tried to find the artist’s website for this image, but wasn’t successful. The artist signature is at the bottom, however, I also couldn’t read the signature very well. If anyone finds the artist then please message me. I’d like to credit them properly. Thank you. 

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The Many Stages of Reading Slumps

( via thebooker🙂

Step 1: ‘I can’t be in another reading slump! I will tackle my TBR and emerge victorious. You’re not going to hold me back, brain.’

Step 2: *reads 50 pages of about 750 books* ‘NOOOOO!’

Step 3: *mumbles about reading slump*
*posts on blog about reading slump*
*tells family and friends about reading slump*

Step 4: ‘So the hundreds of books I own already aren’t working for me so I should definitely go to the bookstore and/or library to get more’

Step 5: ‘I know, I’ll re-read Harry Potter!’

Step 6: *puts on sad song and stares at books longingly* ‘I miss you…’

Step 7: *after what feels like centuries, reads 50 books in a week to make up for lost time*

Step 8: Repeat

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I’m All About that Book. About that Book. No Movies.

tumblr_mjbh90kCqz1qjhsz0o1_250 tumblr_mjbh90kCqz1qjhsz0o2_250 tumblr_mjbh90kCqz1qjhsz0o3_500

* Now don’t get me wrong: I love films. I even love book to movie adaptations. However, I always say the book will be better than the movie (no matter how great the film was). Why? Because there will be more content in the novel, subtlities the film passed over and nothing beats your imagination. Nothing. Your imagination puts you in the thick of the story; it transports you into a world of the author’s creation and, also, your creation. There’s truly nothing more magical than that, even if, again, the film itself was beautiful.

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