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Proper Grammar, Yoda Has.


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Mental_Floss: A Handy Gude for Using the Oxford Comma

* The Oxford Comma may seem superfilous at times, but, trust me, when you use this comma wrong you will feel it. Your readres will feel it too. Nothing can take a person out of a story or article faster than a grammar mishap. The link below will clear up any Oxford Comma conundrums, while also providing a good chuckle along the way. Now, embrace the comma. Be the comma. Viva la comma! Or. . .err. . . just click here. . . .


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10 Holiday Gifts You Should Never Give to A Writer. . . .

(via writersrelief:)

Whether they celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or even Festivus, ’tis the season to give your writer friends holiday gifts. There are a great many good gifts you can give a writer, but unless you’re tempted to play the Grinch this year, here are 10 holiday gifts you should never give to a writer.


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Dangerous Situations For Book Addicts:


  • 1:Bargain sections
  • 2:Used book stores
  • 3:Superstores (i.e. Costco)
  • 4:Thrift shops
  • 5:Garage sales
  • 6:Signs that say, “Free, take me!”
  • 7:Giving yourself a present for your birthday/holiday
  • 8:Feeling like you owe yourself a gift (For your troubles–keep truckin’!).
  • 9:When someone else offers to buy you books.
  • 10:When you go in to buy just one book, but see all the new ones that just came out.
  • 11:Cheap online websites
  • 12:Having a credit card
  • 13:Carrying a hand basket at a bookstore
  • 14:Having an overzealous bookstore sales assistant recommending you books.
  • 15:Being left alone in a bookstore.
  • 16:Hell, being left alone near books.
  • 17:Library–hey, free books!…for a few weeks!


~ http://bookaddict24-7.com 

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