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Calligraphy Widgets

Calligraphy Widgets

~ Visit the Tumblr blog entitled Scribe By Night for calligraphy widgets. 

(via scribebynight🙂

Hey you, yeah you. Do you like Calligraphy? Do you enjoy it, and support the artists who dedicate their time and resources to practicing it? You do? That’s cool, you’re cool, and good looking, and smell nice, and so charming, and funny.

Can you do me a huge favor and take a quick peak at your own blog please? Can you tell me if you saw any calligraphy there, perhaps in the form of a quote un-quote so-called “Calligraphy Widget”?

You didn’t? Why might that be? You seemed so cool, and young, and with it, and attractive in a way that makes other people jealous of you.

Perhaps you have not yet visited ScribeByNight.com/widget and followed the instructions there to claim your new Calligraphy Widget. That would be really rad of you, you hip young person you.

If you need extra help, I can walk you through it. Make sure to send me anask when you finish installing your new Calligraphy Widget, and I will give you a shout out for being so awesome.

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