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Bookriot: World’s Oldest Library


Bookriot recently ran an article about Khizanat al Qarawiyyin in Fes, Morocco. This is (as the title suggests) the oldest library in existence. The article itself is filled with beautiful pictures and interesting facts about the library.

One fact I found amazing: a woman founded this particular literary haven. Her name was Fatima al Fihria. She created the library in the 9th century. The 9th century! Pretty radical for a woman to do. Such knowledge has definitely inspired me as a bibliophile and also as a woman.

If you would like to learn more about Khizanat al Qarawiyyin or Fatima al Fihria then please click the link below. The article was lovely.


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Bookriot: Incredible Literary Jack O’Lanterns


Truly, these bookworms took pumpkin carving to a completely different level. (Just look at the Alice in Wonderland example above.) Can you say epic my friends? Or awesome? To see even more of these amazing pumpkins you should visit Bookriot. Follow the link below:


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Any Lit Lovers in Need of Costume Ideas?

Don’t have a costume lined up for Halloween? Have no fear! Bookriot is here! And guess what? They have nine creative literary costumes for the bibliophile in all of us.



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Bookriot: Books for the Shoujo Manga Fan in Your Life

~ Bookriot rioter Angel Cruz delivers some solid young adult recommendations for shoujo manga fans. To look at their book picks, follow the link:


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13 Great Facebook Pages for Writers

* Bookriot has the skinny on all the Facebook pages us writers should like, follow, and then like some more. Here’s the link to the article:


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F. Scott Fitzgerald Creates a List of 22 Essential Books, 1936

F. Scott Fitzgerald Creates a List of 22 Essential Books, 1936

(via Bookriot:)

In 1936 — perhaps the darkest year of his life — F. Scott Fitzgerald was convalescing in a hotel in Asheville, North Carolina, when he offered his nurse a list of 22 books he thought were essential reading. The list, above, is written in the nurse’s hand.

Follow the link, and read a more legible version of the list:


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Books that Go Bump in the Night

Books that Go Bump in the Night

~ Bookriot giving you the 411 on some of the most wicked ghost stories around. Happy haunting!



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