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No Hero Music Mix



(Via maxkirin)

[NO HERO] is a writing mix about action, explosions, and a double-barreled shotgun named Justice. Welcome to Dangertown, USA. Nobody is a saint, everyone has vices, and you are NO HERO.

This playlist contains 17 of my favorite tracks for writing danger, action scenes, and Anti-Heroes. This mix is not out to be your friend. It will toss you into the back seat of its car and take you into a town full of drugs, sex, and danger. Your initiation begins with a chase scene, a couple dozen casualties, and a gorgeous double-barreled shotgun who just became your best friend. From there you are on a ride of violence, destruction, and revenge, as you murder your way towards city hall— where the biggest asshole of Dangertown awaits. Of course, it’s all fun and games until the Mayor starts the nuke countdown.

Let’s hope you don’t run out of bullets.

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