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Fighting Prejudice One Issue At A Time

~ HIV+ blood mixed with regular ink and, suddenly, we have a revolution on our hands. Personally, I think this idea is not only bold, but makes the right statement. It’s time to stop living in fear of those affected by HIV/AIDS. True, we do live in more accepting times, however, the stigma still remains. If it didn’t then why are so many people in an uproar about what Vangardist Magazine did? Just food for thought.

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I’m With the Banned. Are You?

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The Little Library That Could

Why a proposed book-burning party was a Very Good Thing Indeed.

(PLEASE Watch this. Be proud of your libraries. And remember, it’s not about taxes. It’s about knowledge, and humanity, and access to the internet, and what libraries are and represent, and what librarians do.)

That was actually quite clever.

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