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Book & Trailer Review: Paper Towns


Write On Your Own Books

A valid (and slightly humorous) short defending the validity of note taking in your books. Follow the link , watch the video and then decide if marginalia is right for you.

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Writing Musts: Procrastinate Effectively!

Things by Nick

There’s no point arguing – you’re going to procrastinate. I know it. Your friends know it. Everyone knows it. Except… maybe you.

It’s okay to procrastinate.

I was going to make my own of these... I was going to make my own of these…

People always have those breakdowns of Writing being half-expiration, half-perspiration, half-pig, but they’re wrong. It’s no amount pig. It’s not even the others. Sure, revision and reading will take up a lot of time, and they do make up a big part of it. Writing itself is only a minuscule portion of writing. Here’s what’s really going on:

Writing is 10% Writing, and 90% Not-Writing.  Yes, it’s recursive. Accept that and move on, or the 90% figure will start creeping up.

Something else you need to know: It’s perfectly okay.

The trick is to direct your procrastination (everything that isn’t writing is non-writing, hence procrastination) into things that will help your writing. There’s some basic must-do things…

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40 Weird Word Origins

~ Mental Floss and John Green giving us a humorous scoop on word origins.

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On Writing

~ Authoress Meg Cabot giving insightful advice on how to tackle the writing process.

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The Writing Process Animation

A helpful animated video detailing useful tips on blog writing as well as essay writing. Produced, animated and explained by CIS*2050*DE.

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