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And So I Write


One step at a time
Pen in hand
Using paper as an extension of mind
Working through a tension to find
The balance between
Uncontrolled thought
The source of creativity
And the sense of distraught
Aware of Earth’s calamities
Genocide of humanities
Dangers running rampantly
That we can’t handle if we disagree

A heart desensitized from frantically
Following headlines religiously
From famine and disease
To consistent atrocities
We’re far from a stability
Cause when you look at history
Its stained with blood and misery
Seems like such a mystery
How any progress has been made
In the face of such disdain
For human life, both day and night
A thirst for power fuels the urge to fight

While I sit here hopelessly
Facing the fact that now I’m aware
And feeling pretty jaded
With an underlying hatred
And an ever present sense of dread
That soon enough I’ll end up…

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The thing is to sift out
the important sounds, little syllables and vowels that bring
hints of their lost words, and not to mistake the fossil for
the life, or the kiss for the love, not to mistake the fragment
for the sentence.

Richard Jackson, from “Tip of My Tongue,” Out of Place: Poems (the Ashland Poetry Press, 2014)

Tip of My Tongue


‘Life Tone Changed’ | Ken Dereste Dorcely

'Life Tone Changed' | Ken Dereste Dorcely

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American poet Ken Dereste Dorcely vents an upheaval of emotion in his debut publication, Life Tone Changed. Chronicling love lost, the death of his mother, and other afflictions, Dorcely’s debut is raw, unfiltered, and genuine.

Click here to download the anthology:

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Recipe to make a poet


  • 1 part love of language
  • 2 parts observational skills
  • Equal parts clown, philosopher and quester
  • heaping scoops of curiosity
  • pinch of pain
  • dash of stuff that leaves scars
  • an ounce or ten of the stuff that ‘builds character’
  • level serving of courage

mix in tears and sweat until a soft dough forms

put dough under pressure until it is compact

roll out until thin enough to see the words through

Allow dough to rest and reform to an organic shape

Bake in real life, with variations of hot to warm, and

periodically freeze, thaw and toss around.

Leave it to rest and pull apart to reveal poetry.

And what is left is the poet. Put this in a warm place.

Let it rise again and create more poetry.


Poets are like grandma’s mystery dough.

Lots of cool stuff with no real measure

except to do it until it looks…

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Archetypes | THE WRITER

Archetypes | THE WRITER

Words pour from the darkest reaches of their mind. The life force of every poetic sentence strung together stems from their very soul. Every punctuation, or lack thereof, leaks another piece of their being. From another world, from another dimension entirely, comes the fractured bits they need; ripping themselves apart in search of the perfect phrasing. Small miracles are made on napkins worldwide. It begins with a doodle of words held together by the hopes of something magnificent. Something that will change the lives of millions. It begins with a doodle, and ends in the adventurer we so emphatically followed reaching their goal after all the painful monoliths in their way. We are writers, and we are the saviors of the every hero inside of us.

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Interviewing the Fictitious: James Bond

Dave's Corner of the Universe

I step out of the hot Turkish sun. Istanbul city of adventure, a city of intrigue, a city of spies.  The only thing cooling down the building’s foyer is an overhead wicker celling fan. I spot a man wearing a fez, he could be Peter Lories’ long lost twin. He eyes me as I go to the front desk. I hand him my card. It reads Dave Heath Blogger for Universal Exports. In a hushed tone I give him the pass code. “I am looking for a hemi for a blue ’67 Chevy Charger.”

He nods then gives me the counter pass code. “An excellent year but could I interest you in 305 big block for a Mercury Montego?”

I give him the counter-counter pass code. “No, but I could use a carbonator for Green Yugo”

Finally the little swarthy man is satisfied I am who I say I am…

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Alice In Quantumland

Alice In Quantumland

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Alice in Quantumland – an imaginative allegory of quantum physics, written and illustrated (!) by a CERN physicist, doubly brilliant for flying in the face of gender stereotypes with a female protagonist who makes sense of some of the most intense science of all time.

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Hacktivist, a graphic novel by Alyssa Milano exploring privacy and social justice through a story of friendship and freedom at a time of war. Read more about it here, then complement with these 10 masterpieces of graphic nonfiction and a very different take on the female-graphic-novel-protagonist concept in this graphic gem inspired by Jane Eyre.

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For images and more information, go here:

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