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Alice In Quantumland

Alice In Quantumland

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Alice in Quantumland – an imaginative allegory of quantum physics, written and illustrated (!) by a CERN physicist, doubly brilliant for flying in the face of gender stereotypes with a female protagonist who makes sense of some of the most intense science of all time.

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Why read graphic novels?

Why read graphic novels?

~ Excerpt from The Guardian:

Marcus and Julian Sedgwick, authors of graphic novel and teen book club read Dark Satanic Mills, tells us why (and how) to read graphic novels, and where to start

Do you read graphic novels? What would you recommend for a first time reader? Email us – – or get in touch on Facebook with your thoughts and suggestions

* Click on the provided links to read the Sedgwicks’ article.

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Hacktivist, a graphic novel by Alyssa Milano exploring privacy and social justice through a story of friendship and freedom at a time of war. Read more about it here, then complement with these 10 masterpieces of graphic nonfiction and a very different take on the female-graphic-novel-protagonist concept in this graphic gem inspired by Jane Eyre.

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Isn’t She? Pretty In Ink?

Isn't She? Pretty In Ink?

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Trina Robbins wrote the book, literally, on the history of women cartoonists, and now she’s back with a completely revised, updated and rewritten version. Pretty in Ink: North American Women Cartoonists 1896-2013 is an eye-opening, reader-friendly overview, loaded with illustrations and full comics pages in an oversized softcover format. From the early days of the art form, to the Golden Age, through the Underground, and into the present day, women’s often-underappreciated contributions to the medium come under Robbins’s spotlight to be given the recognition they deserve.

This book will be available in November; we’ll have more previews for you in the coming weeks, and you can secure your copy by pre-ordering now:

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First of a three-part series of spreads of my take on Rapunzel set in India. The book is geared toward a younger audience so I went with younger protagonists as well!

Visit their page for more pics:

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