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American Gods Trailer

American Gods Trailer. Definitely excited to see this, can’t wait to see more of Mr. Wednesday by Ian McShane and I also really want to see Mr. Nancy by Orlando Jones. Great casting for this show. I can’t believe HBO passed on this.

via American Gods Trailer. — The Clearing at the End of the Path.

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Kirsten Dunst to Direct The Bell Jar

Actress Kirsten Dunst will make her directorial debut with an adaptation of Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar, which deals with a young woman struggling with mental illness Dakota Fanning is set to play protagonist Esther Greenwood, and we hope she can really capture her slow yet inevitable breakdown. In addition to directing the upcoming film […]

via Kirsten Dunst Will Direct an Adaptation of ‘The Bell Jar’ Starring Dakota Fanning —

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Twitchy: Bookseller offers refunds and apologies to buyers of ‘Go Set a Watchman’


~ Booksellers are offering refunds of the controversial To Kill A Mockingbird sequel. The article can be found on Twitchy.

As a side note, I don’t view this Atticus Finch as the same man you meet in Mockingbird. Go Set A Watchman Atticus was written before Mockingbird. Harper Lee’s editor wanted Lee to start from scratch; the publishers requested a book from her childhood. The character of Atticus got retooled. He was made more in the image of our author: a reflection of Harper Lee.

Yes, you could say Watchmen Atticus was always Mockingbird Atticus, but, again, I disagree. The two men are too far removed from each other in personality and morals. As a writer and, also, as a reader, I cannot recognize Atticus Finch as one character. I see two men. Two different creations living in two separate Maycomb’s. Two versions. Both existing in two separate realities.

The first (Watchmen Atticus) seemed more to be written as a catalyst for Scout. Someone to voice the opposing views of our main character so she can grow, and also face head on all personal moral struggles. The second Atticus (from Mockingbird) isn’t that character at all. He molds his children to question the world around them; to go against the popular opinion, especially if morally they find that opinion wrong.

Do I think Go Set A Watchmen is a sincere Mockingbird sequel? No, I don’t. I think it’s a book that Lee didn’t feel the need to share. It was a manuscript. A story she never intended to rework because she had already published the story she had wanted to tell: To Kill A Mockingbird. This “sequel” is it’s own body of work; its characters true to its universe. I still treasure the lessons I learned from Atticus Finch in Mockingbird. Those lessons will never lose their value or sincerity to me, nor will Atticus Finch lose his integrity. To Kill A Mockingbird stands on its own as does Watchmen. These worlds do not intersect for me. They simply are.

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Brain Pickings: Ralph Steadman’s Rare and Rapturous Illustrations for Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451


In his magnificent 2013 monograph, Proud Too Be Weirrd (public library), Steadman admits to having grown jaded with illustrating other people’s prose — “not much more than shameless self-indulgence” — but writes of having gladly completed the Bradbury project due to its “vitally important theme — the burning of all books.” He reflects on the significance of Bradbury’s masterwork:

As someone once said, I think it was me: There is nothing so dangerous as an idea. Particularly one whose time has come…

And who can forget the ever-timely ideas emanating from Bradbury’s glorious lines? “Stuff your eyes with wonder… live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.” Here was a rare integrated man — even in his fiction, he channeled the wholehearted truths by which he lived his life.

* To see the rest of the article by  (as well as the rest of the illustrations) click here:

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[Book Nerd News] The Prank: The Best of Young Chekhov

A Small Press Life

The Prank: The Best of Young Chekhov [nyrb]

This is wonderful news, at least for big fans of Anton Chekhov (like me).

It is also the perfect excuse to run this photo:

Anton ChekhovAnton Chekhov

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Five Fascinating Facts about Daphne du Maurier

Interesting Literature

Fun facts about Daphne du Maurier, author of Rebecca

1. A number of classic films owe their existence to Daphne du Maurier. Quite a few of the novels and short stories of Daphne du Maurier (1907-89) have been turned into popular films – Alfred Hitchcock was especially a fan of her work and adapted Jamaica InnThe Birds, and Rebecca for the big screen. The Nicolas Roeg film Don’t Look Now (which is now being remade) is also based on a Daphne du Maurier short story. The 1952 film My CousinRachel, starring Richard Burton, was also based on a novel by Daphne du Maurier.

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An Elementary Tour for Us All

~ Geek and Sundry recently posted an article detailing the more notable locals any Sir Arthur Conan Doyle fan or Sherlock Holmes buff would love to see. The tour is not only chalk full of neat facts, but it’s one of character too. Each site is colorful, entertaining and charming. Take the virtual trip of a lifetime here:

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