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Ghoulishly Fun Halloween Fonts From Betype





Get these spooktacular fonts here:

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Calligraphy Widgets

Calligraphy Widgets

~ Visit the Tumblr blog entitled Scribe By Night for calligraphy widgets. 

(via scribebynight🙂

Hey you, yeah you. Do you like Calligraphy? Do you enjoy it, and support the artists who dedicate their time and resources to practicing it? You do? That’s cool, you’re cool, and good looking, and smell nice, and so charming, and funny.

Can you do me a huge favor and take a quick peak at your own blog please? Can you tell me if you saw any calligraphy there, perhaps in the form of a quote un-quote so-called “Calligraphy Widget”?

You didn’t? Why might that be? You seemed so cool, and young, and with it, and attractive in a way that makes other people jealous of you.

Perhaps you have not yet visited and followed the instructions there to claim your new Calligraphy Widget. That would be really rad of you, you hip young person you.

If you need extra help, I can walk you through it. Make sure to send me anask when you finish installing your new Calligraphy Widget, and I will give you a shout out for being so awesome.

Blog link:

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The Gift of Calligraphy

The Gift of Caligraphy

(via poketo:)

Give the gift of learning. 2 #calligraphy #workshops coming up in January with @maybelleimasa You know how quickly they sell out. for all info (at


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The Black Book of Cards

The Black Book of Cards

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The Black Book of Cards by UnCommon Beat

Each card within the Black Book holds its own by possessing a unique and time-intensive typographic design portraying a different look, feeling, and presence. Very fitting for the fundamental concept behind the deck with each card representing each one of us based on the following notion.

Purchase it here:

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My Garden Typography

My Garden Typography

by Petra Blahova

To see all of his typography art, click here:

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Tracing Paper Artwork

Tracing Paper Artwork

Nina Papaconstantinou was born in 1968 in Athens, Greece, where she lives and works.

The drawings on tracing paper are a combination of semi-transparent abstract landscapes of marks, grays, empty spaces between letters and blurred typeface borderlines thoroughly traced, or dense layers of handwritten text, through a process which resembles that of tapestry or weaving.

“The work of Nina Papaconstantinou, who has studied literature and drawing, turns to the material of language itself,investigating the relationships between image and text, writing, trace and texture, asthese are transformed and configured through the lines of the texts that she appropriates from various aspects of literature….”

Instead of Writing By Tina Pandi

More of Nina Papaconstantinou’s work:

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Literary Art Prints

Literary Art Prints

~ Lovely Literary Art Prints featuring quotes By Famous Authors by Evan Robertson.

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His etsy shop:

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