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Storytelling cans.

This is a nifty idea. Cool too.

I am Iris.

As a book and food lover, I never thought the two could be combined and be inspiring at the same time. But I was wrong, Food for Thought did it.

Food for Thought designed three cans that look like Heinz Soup cans, but are filled with three books: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Naked Lunch and Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant.
On the outside of the cans are illustrations and containments of the book, which resembles truly knowing what’s inside the can.

I think this is really cool, because it gives people a better and different view of why it is so important to exactly know what is inside of the can. You don’t want to read a book without knowing what’s inside; the same has to be for food. You wouldn’t want to eat without knowing what’s in it, at least, that’s my opinion.
Because of these cans, people will look…

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The Tragedy of Juliet


The Tragedy of Juliet by Loui Jover

Visit more of his artwork by following this link:

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Brian Dettmer Sculptures


See more wild and unique book sculptures by Brain Dettmer on his website:

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Amazing 3D Book Collages Bring Classic Stories to Life

Amazing 3D Book Collages Bring Classic Stories to Life

~ My Modern Met providing us with some truly breathtaking book collages. Check them out on the Modern Met’s website:

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Book Burning Memorial

Book Burning Memorial

(via kp-ks:)

Book Burning Memorial

‘In the center of Bebelplatz, a glass window showing rows and rows of empty bookshelves. The memorial commemorates the night in 1933 when 20,000 “anti-German” books were burned here under the instigation of Goebbels. There’s a plaque nearby that says something like “Where they burn books, they will also burn humans in the end.”

To Learn More Click Here:

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The Tree of Knowledge

The Tree of Knowledge

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Bronze sculpture by Joe A. Tyler stands before the majestic Catalina Mountains and welcomes visitors at the Oro Valley Public Library entrance.

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Artist Designs Books That Fan Out Into 360 Degree Stories

Artist Designs Books That Fan Out Into 360 Degree Stories

(Via Colossal:)

Artist and architect Yusuke Oono has designed an amazing series of 40-page books that fan out into 360-degree storybooks. Each page is laser-cut and bound from Yusuke’s digital designs and can be viewed page by page or fanned out as demonstrated below.
You can find the complete gallery with additional books and angles at


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Plagued By Doubt

Plagued By Doubt

by Thomas Wightman

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Broidery On A Medieval Page

Broidery On A Medieval Page

Holes in the pages of medieval books are common. They were easily made (by the parchment maker’s knife), as in this wonderful case. Fixing it by stitching the hole together with strings of parchment is also common: parchment makers did it all the time, leaving behind “scars” on the page. What is totally unusual, however, is the repairs seen in this 14th-century book in Uppsala, Sweden. The damage is repaired, or at least masked, by good old broidery. It was done by the nuns who purchased the book in 1417. It is delightful to think that they took the effort to make a medieval hole disappear by replacing it with patterns like this, made up from pieces of silk in the most vivid of colors.

Pics: website of University Library Uppsala. More information about the preservation of this manuscript here:

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Do It Yourself: Devilish Books For All Hallow’s Eve

Do It Yourself: Devilish Books For All Hallow's Eve


DIY Halloween Altered Books Tutorials. The numbers in the collage are from one of my favorite free fonts: A Lolita Scorned here. For more DIY altered books go here:

Altered Bat Book Basic Tutorial from Seeing Things here.
Goblin Altered Book Tutorial here.
Spider Altered Book Tutorial here, Graphics here.
See #3

(via fuckyeahbookarts)

To see how to make the books visit:

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