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Hermione and Harry


Illustrated by nymre:

“They did not discuss Ron at all over the next few days…. Hermione seemed to know that it was no use forcing the issue, although sometimes at night when she thought he was sleeping, he would hear her crying.” ~ J. K. Rowling 

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Jane Herself Would Surely Agree


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The Watchmen Hello Kitty artwork

The Watchmen Hello Kitty artwork

I want the Hello Kitty Silk Specter. The Comedian also looks hella boss too. Screw it. I have a mighty need for all of them.

Link to view them all:

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We’re Not In Kansas Anymore

We're Not In Kansas Anymore

by dannyburgess:

Wizard Of Oz,

a 100 year winter, a Giant Frozen Tin Man, a lion made of Fire, a Scarecrow that transforms into a Crow, and Dorothy with Her Trusty ToTo sword.

This is my vision of a classic tale.

Danny’s blog:

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