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Winter’s Eve


(Via 🙂

“Winter’s Eve”
watercolour and PS.
Special people make any place feel like home 🙂 Happy winter holidays!

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© Nataša Ilinčić, please do not remove credits

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The Archivist

the_archivist_by_juliedillon-d9c5l9wThis enchanting piece of art is by juliedillon. Visit their deviant art page to see more great works.


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How Does the Act of Writing Affect the Brain?


Visual News with a very cool info graphic giving us the skinny about writing and how it affects our craniums. Read the full article here:

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Google Celebrating Tolstoy’s 186th Birthday




Elegant Google illustrations to commemorate Leo Tolstoy’s 186th birthday.


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The Tragedy of Juliet


The Tragedy of Juliet by Loui Jover

Visit more of his artwork by following this link:

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