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Proper Grammar, Yoda Has.


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Reality: No Match for Imagination

tumblr_noq7i53N6y1qele20o1_r1_540* Tried to find the artist’s website for this image, but wasn’t successful. The artist signature is at the bottom, however, I also couldn’t read the signature very well. If anyone finds the artist then please message me. I’d like to credit them properly. Thank you. 

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The Manifesto


* To get a copy of this illustration as a poster visit Grant Snider’s website:

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R. Crumb Illustrates Bukowski


The delightful website Brain Pickings delves into the short lived partnership of R. Crumb and Charles Bukowski. Read the article to see even more illustrations, read excerpts from Bukowski’s stories and to marvel at the beautiful work these two created together. Below is the link. Now, go fawn over it like I did!

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Meet Gwen Stacy – Spider-Woman! Your First Look at EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #2!

Such a cool twist for the franchise.


Edge_of_Spider-Verse_2_CoverAs spider-powered heroes from across all universes unite to battle back the threat of Morlun, meet a young girl from Midtown High who learned that with great power, comes great responsibility. Today, Marvel is proud to present your first look at September’s EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE #2, from critically acclaimed writer Jason Latour and rising-star artist Robbi Rodriguez! She’s smart, she’s tough, she’s charming and she can lift a car – she’s Gwen Stacy! Patrolling the New York City of her universe, she keeps the streets safe as the vigilante known as Spider-Woman! Just don’t tell her father, NYPD Police Chief George Stacy!

“This story sees Gwen at a real crossroads of her life,” says writer Jason Latour, in an interview with “Spider-Woman is wanted for a crime she didn’t commit. So where as her life in costume before was a lot of adventuring and fun…

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Sunday Funnies As Covers Anyone?


Click the link below to see more comic book and pop inspired covers. The above cover of Frakenstein being one of them, by Daniel Clowes.  You might want to put your translator on though. The website is in Spanish.


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