Fresh Horror Titles Dropping Fall 2022

  1. The Depths by Nicole Lesperance
  2. Crom Cruach by Valkyrie Loughcrewe
  3. Song of the Red Squire by C.W. Blackwell
  4. Full Immersion by Gemma Amor
  5. Daphne by Josh Malerman
  6. The Butcher by Laura Kat Young
  7. Ghost Eaters by Clay McLeod Chapman
  8. The Talosite by Rebecca Campbell
  9. It Rides a Pale Horse by Andy Marino
  10. Jackal: A NOVEL by Erin E. Adams
  11. Malice House by Megan Shepherd
  12. Saturnalia by Stephanie Feldman
  13. The Witch In The Well by Camilla Bruce
  14. The Dark Between The Trees by Fiona Barnett
  15. Little Eve by Catriona Ward
  16. When the Night Bells Ring by Jo Kaplan
  17. One Dark Window by Rachel Gillig
  18. Uncanny Times (Huntsmen #1) by Laura Anne Gilman
  19. The Cursed Earth by D.T. Neal
  20. White Horse by Erika T. Wurth
  21. Marionette by Antonia Rachel Ward
  22. The Order by Mark Barber
  23. Curse of the Reaper by Brian McAuley
  24. Piñata by Leopoldo Gout
  25. Reluctant Immortals by Gwendolyn Kiste

An instrumental playlist to listen to while psyching yourself out reading spooky novels.

Haunting Cinema

Boo! It’s ghost story time. Check out the link to find a wickedly good selection of films about hauntings.

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