Tangled emotions snarl like hair caught in my throat.

It cascades to the stomach as foul as tepid water.

Tresses of sludge pool into the center of me,
Whispering doubts as sharp as any puncture wound.

I shake myself tipsy from side to side—–
This anxiety is overwhelming.

Suddenly I am thinking about ghosts and hauntings
and monsters under the bed.

Suddenly my mind breaks and I am thinking I wish
I wasn’t weighted down and was soaring like a bird.

Suddenly there are too many suddenlies to think about.

My head pulsates in sickening time with my heartbeat,
Thunderous like the boom of Niagara Falls.

I feel hollow in my limbs;
Body corroded like an old bicycle.

Then a tsunami—–

Tears creep across the skin in waves and crescendo
because melancholy is a tenacious tenant.

It bursts forth from my chest enraged.
A mob of sob’s rioting.

Lungs constrict as airwaves shut down due to all the traffic.

It jangles my soul until I am sure I hear shards of glass
clattering when I walk in the morning.

It spits on me with Its manied gorgon heads
as I tell myself not to look It in the eyes.

It becomes my other shadow always ready to
hinder my resolve with a new spiteful phrase.

To It I am Ophelia—–

A lady in need of a cool long drink—–
An endless sleep

Another useless dreamer.


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2 thoughts on “Melancholia

  1. Heartafire says:

    Oh, you brought melancholia to this us this morning in the most delightful way, beautiful poetry Lady R. ❤

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