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Lost Things

I lose things;
Important things.

Not the keys or the phone.
Not my insurance card.
Not your house payment.

I lose pieces of myself;
I lose the weight of your love.

In myself I have lost confidence
And have been robbed sanity
And the precious tissues of my heart—-


In you I have lost your trust
And crushed you with my baggage
And smothered all your devotion away—

For good.

You see,
I lose things;
Important things.

My dearest friend and lover,
I have lost you (I can feel it).

Lost just as quickly as I had won you,
Thanks to the shadows of my past
And my unshakable chains.

Too broken to love;
Too misshapen to woo,
You turn your back on me.

In your absence I lose more,
Like my smile and my laughter
And the notion of ever after’s.

I lose things;
Important things—

And whatever else of myself remains,
To hell with it all—-

I am nothing without you.

Not a goddamn thing.

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