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A Knife’s Edge

The women in my family have a sickness——

We crave the sensation of the jagged knife 
against our runaway flesh. 

Love is the knife.  

I dig my blade across that sweet spot 
near my collarbone, where I 
store my spirit’s birdsong in fatty tissue. 

My lark’s rhythmic chirping
urges me to dive deep into the arms of Malice 
and think his the embrace of Eros——

Thanks to this folly, 
I catapult myself further into the heavy curtain
of regret and the cold coffin of heartache.

(And still my knife’s edge never dulls.) 

Like my great grandmother before me, 
I am one afflicted—-

I have gargled poison from shiftless men,
and shakily laughed as I warped their goodbyes
into treasured love songs. 

Like my grandmother before me,
I have sliced myself wide open 
(tendons exposed)
until someone somewhere looks at me. 

But unlike the thirsty eyes of my mother, 
I alone have seen the truth behind this 
united fever dream——-

Love may have been the knife,
but Hope has always been the key. 

An heirloom passed down through generations 
of wounded daughters.

It serves as my catalyst towards destruction
because I keep on trying to unlock 
the wrong doors with it. 

There is no cure for this either. 

So I (true to my legacy)
stab myself over and over again
and think myself lucky to have felt
anything at all——even pain. 

The women in my family have a sickness,
you see and I am no different——

I crave and crave and crave
and, again, my knife never dulls, 
nor does my penchant for shame. 

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A Printed Treasure

If He Had Been with Me

~ If He Had Been With Me, Laura Nowlin

The Penguin English Library animation – Penguin Books

~ A cute animated short done by Penguin Books.

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“Along with the sonnets and blank verse
comes this: the gossip
about which poet is sleeping
with which poet, about who left whom

for who. Don’t you know
the formalists only go to bed
with other formalists
but the free versers will screw
anybody, even the novelists.”

From Open Books by Sherman Alexie

“Along with the…


   (via wordbirds🙂 

(N.) ‘krindzh-krawl  The embarrassing sentences you forgot to erase at the end of an email after you’d signed off, which show the recipient your early drafts of the email, or worse, contain indiscreet conversations with others. Usage: Marek carefully crafted a breezy email to Denise, but after sending it, discovered to his horror that he hadn’t deleted the cringecrawl, and she would see all of his fumbled attempts to sound suave.


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Writing II

Writing II

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WRITING II | [listen here] | (a bumper mix of 80+ songs, comprised of a collection of my best songs to write to, with old favourites, soft melodies, crooning voices, and the occasional instrumental.)

tracklist: one, two, three, four


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“She loved to walk down the street with a book under her arm. It had the same significance for her as an elegant cane for the dandy a century ago. It differentiated her from others.”

The Unbearable Likeness of Being, Milan Kundera

“She loved to w…

“Even the greatest writers can learn new things about storytelling, about writing, about the world in which we peddle our salacious word-born wares. You can always up your game. Seek opportunities to do so. Oh! And by the way, any of those writers who tout that line: “You can’t teach someone to be a writer, you either are a writer or you aren’t” are high on their own stench and just want to make themselves feel better. What kind of fucked-in-the-head lesson is that? You’re born a writer or you’re not? We’re beholden to some kind of creative caste system? It’s in our blood, like vampirism or syphilis? You can be taught. And you can teach yourself.”

~ Chuch Wendig 

“Even the great…

Beta Reading 101

Beta Reading 101

~ One of the lovely bloggers I follow, Mariah E. Wilson, wrote a piece about beta reading/editing advice. She breaks it down easily without over complicating the process. Great for beginners. Follow the link below to the article: 


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