5 Strategies for Creating Unique Plots

5 Strategies for Creating Unique Plots


(via The Examiner) 

One of the most intimidating aspects of writing is constructing a unique plot. It has been known to make the novice writer break out in a cold sweat, or scare the aspiring writer away from putting pen to paper. Even seasoned writers are not immune; they are often plagued with worries that their writing has become stale and repetitive. The key to constructing a unique plot consists less in the attempt to create a plot wholly fresh and unique to anything that has come before it (which can often lead the writer into the very cliches and stale ideas he tries to avoid), but more in the application of our creativity to the plotting process in an unconventional manner. The following techniques are five suggestions to help you get started.

~ Click the provided link to see the full article by Andrea Simoncic. 

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