The Method Behind My Madness

Why Do I Write?

  1. To create
  2. To create worlds of my own
  3. To create a place to belong
  4. To feel alive
  5. To leave something behind
  6. To leave myself behind
  7. To leave behind a legacy
  8. To be remembered 
  9. To remind others that “you are not alone.” 
  10. To express myself
  11. To try to find myself 
  12. To immerse myself in passion
  13. To become more passionate 
  14. To grow as an individual 
  15. To grow from expression 
  16. To feel complete
  17. To feel complete happiness
  18. To experience true joy 
  19. To scratch an “itch” inside myself
  20. To feel rebellious 
  21. To step outside my comfort zone 
  22. To take risks
  23. To take risks so I cannot hide
  24. To take risks, so I cannot hide from myself
  25. To show the world what I think
  26. To show the world who I am 
  27. To reveal myself to myself 
  28. To define my identity 
  29. To feel like I am unique 
  30. To feel like I am free
  31. To escape mediocrity
  32. To tear through self doubt
  33. To reach beyond any naysayers 
  34. To prove I am limitless 
  35. To prove I am worthy of breath
  36. To prove I am meant to exist 
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One thought on “The Method Behind My Madness

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