Rollercoaster: Personal Essay

I offer no encouraging words this January. I can’t. I’m not in a place to. The previous years have bestowed too many tricks instead of treats. Any glorious adrenaline highs are soon coupled with unprecedented lows.  You become engaged, only to lose a child. You declare your independence, only to gain 1500 dollars worth of debt. A job opportunity arrives, only to transform into a short lived nightmare. Life is chaos. All I’m saying is, every year has its own trials and tribulations. Nothing will ever be perfect, beautiful, or easily packaged. With the good must come the bad.

Because of this duality, any sort of “Happy New Year” tidings sound, to me, disingenuous. The year, my friends, will be what it will be. I cannot allow myself to placidly grin and pretend that 2014 will be some glorious banner year. Honestly, it’ll be filled with as many mediocre days as it will exceptional ones. Such is life.

What I can offer you is this: Whatever your year, make it your year. Own each and every experience that may come your way. Laugh in the face of adversity. Do a victory cheer when failure stonewalls you, simply because you tried. And, most importantly, smile wide and toothy because love crossed you, even if it didn’t work out. Smile because you lived. You loved. Life happened to you. It didn’t defeat you. Despite how much of a cheat it can be, it never bested you. Yes, own your year friends. Own it, and never let it go.

We only have so much time on this earth anyway, why not claim every unapologetic minute of it? Sure, some days we’ll scream until raw, cry ourselves sick and grit craters into our teeth. Some days we’ll want to phone it in. The sun will rise high above our heads and we’ll curse it’s very presence, simply because it signals another dawn. Yet, as much as these disappointments, frustrations and melancholy ensnare us let us never relinquish them. I say remember them; become wiser for them.

Make all of your ugly something’s quiet triumphs. Never stop moving forward. Live how you want to live every second, of every minute, of every hour, within every week, of every damn year. Just own the life you live. Don’t deny it. Don’t shy away from it. Greet the world as you would a beloved relative, with a warm resolve to forgive, let go and to treasure all memories, even the sad ones. Embrace the rollercoaster. That’s all any of us can do.


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