The Pull List: 10/23/2013

Funk's House of Geekery

Must Read Comics Released on 10/23/2013

Evil Dead Re-Animator

Army Of Darkness/Reanimator One Shot

Publisher: Dynamite Entertainment

Horror heavyweights Ash and Dr. Herbert West find themselves at odds in, for some reason, 1920s New England…..that is, H. P. Lovecraft’s New England.


Daredevil #32

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Just in time for Halloween, Daredevil teams up with the Legion of Monsters, or maybe crosses paths with.


Infinity Hunt #3

Publisher: Marvel Comics

This is one of the cooler Infinity tie-ins. Thanos is attacking the Earth while the Avengers are on some cosmic adventure.  A competition between schools (Wolverine’s X-Academy, Pym’s Avenger Academy, and other superhuman academies from Britain, Wakanda,  Japan, and Latveria) is interrupted by the invasion.


Pretty Deadly #1

Publisher: Image Comics

Kelly Sue Connick (the mind behind Marvel’s Captain Marvel) writes this tale about the daughter of Death (Angel? Horseman?) in a book being described as Sandman meets Preacher.


Sex Criminals #2

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