Not Your Ordinary Phonebook

Not Your Ordinary Phonebook

What do you do with old telephone books, or even current telephone books, for that matter? While many of us end up using them as impromptu doorstops and footstools or simply pitch them straight into the recycling bin, New York-based artist Long-Bin Chen transforms them into awesome works of sculptural art.

There’s something particularly pleasing about the sight of the Mount Rushmore National Memorial recreated by carving stacks of phonebooks which contain the names, addresses, and phone numbers of thousands of citizens.

“Long-Bin Chen is known for transforming books, newspapers, and magazines into sculptures. Using locally printed materials (where he is an artist in residence) as his medium, he carefully carves figures from blocks of soft stacked paper—from warriors, to buddhas, to composers. at first glance, the highly-realistic three-dimensional works appear to be made from stone, but upon closer inspection, the viewer realizes the humble material which he has employed.”

Visit designboom to view more of Long-Bin Chen’s amazing book sculptures.

(via bookporn)

Link to gallery:

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