20 Reasons You Might be a Writer


1. You practice your signature for (future) book signings.

2. You are in love with notebooks (seriously, who isn’t?).

3. You can get a brilliant idea from a leaf falling to the ground (“it falls ever so softly, landing with the tiniest thump, the delicate ends gently curling, the leaf turning from gold to yellow to red to orange in the sunlight”).

4. You frequently yell at your computer when it doesn’t cooperate/You wish you had a faster computer so you could check Twitter and Facebook (or Tumblr, or YouTube, or Pinterest, or Instagram . . .) more often.

5. You hate it when your pen runs out of ink (it was your favorite pen!)/You have to sharpen your pencil every three minutes.

6. You love the smell of Panera Bread and Starbucks (heavenly bread . . . great coffee . . . you’re crazy if you don’t like that).

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