The Writing Cafe: A Writer’s Reference on Poisons

The Writing Cafe: A Writer’s Reference on Poisons


For the writer’s reference

Part One – Poisonous Herbs

Part Two – Glossary

Part Three – Herbs A-B


*There is more than one binomial name for each common name*



  • Binomial Name: Acorus calamus
  • Other Names: Myrtle flag, sweet cane, sedge, sweet flag, sweet grass, sweet sedge, dragon’s blood.
  • Medicinal: Use to increase appetite and benefit digestion, given as a fluid extract, infusion, or tincture. The tincture is used as a stomachic and flavoring agent. It has a spicy taste and is yellow-brown in color.
  • Magical: Calamus is feminine. Its planet is the moon and its element is water. It represents luck, healing, money, and protection. String beads and wear for healing. The powdered root is used in incense. Growing this plant brings good luck.
  • Domestic: The powdered root can be used as a vermifuge and an insecticide, mainly for fleas. Its volatile oil is used for perfumes. The oil is used for flavoring in gin and certain beers.

* Follow the link to get more advice on this subject. 

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