Stare Down

Wide-eyed, my irises expand
glazed over from daydreams
and over thinking. 

Blue icicle eyes, which some 
have praised and others have
scorned, ripple with longing

Mirroring the desperation 
within myself. 

If you gaze into this turquoise 
hue what do you think you’ll 

Only careless windows, 
no longer radiating heat 
but beaming cool vacant

No perfect symmetry can be 
found within; 

You’ll spy only tidal waves
splintering some distant shore,
untouched by man’s fingertips. 

To lose your reflection to my
stare is to lose yourself

I am a greedy woman, 
whose orbs will melt your 
resolve and break the fabric 
of your heart

For I’ve never gone hungry
or met a meal I didn’t like,
just you wait and see. 

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