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Departures in Poetry 3: I, Too by Langston Hughes

You can’t go wrong with a little Langston Hughes.



I want to tear down
the parts of myself
that slither and slide
and deceive me.

I want to smile like
when I was younger
and still believed
in fairy tales and
happily ever afters.

I want to reinvent
myself so I can
shed years of pain
and dirt and grime
off my skin.

I want to become
beautiful with a
heart as sharp as
any diamond or
gem stone.

I want a secret
keeper to share
all bumps and
bruises with on
rainy nights.

I want to want to
want to love the
life I lead instead
of wanting for
colors I cannot see.

I want a happiness
with you and a
moment that is true
and concrete that
I can claim.

I want all of
these things I
cannot hold or
grasp or write home
about to mom and
pop and God.

I want to soon tear
down my walls and
rid myself of so
many bats in my

I want to take
flight; I need to
be free.

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” The brain appears to possess a special area which we might call poetic memory and which records everything that charms or touches us, that makes our lives beautiful.”

~ Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being

” The brain app…



SYNESTHESIA // an instrumental mix to fill you up with wonder and paint your vision rich with color

i. a fuoco – ludovico einaudi | ii. arrival of the birds – the cinematic orchestra | iii. atonement – dario marianelli | iv. fragile n.4 – dustin o’halloran | v. mescaline – abel korzeniowski | vi. forrest gump suite – alan silvestri | vii. gymnopédie no.1 – erik satie | viii. sherlocked – david arnold & michael price | ix. tennessee – hans zimmer | x. main titles – rachel portman | xi. stars and butterflies – jean-yves thibaudet | xii. we move lightly – dustin o’halloran | xiii. the king’s speech – alexandre desplat | xiv. arabesque no.1 – claude debussy | xv. divenire – ludovico einaudi


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The Writers Helpers: Practicing Patience in Writing

The Writers Helpers: Practicing Patience in Writing

 brattylittledongsaeng asked: Any tips for patience? I find that half my problem with not being able to write is because I don’t have that patience to let my mind unravel. I guess I’m so eager to get to the point that I get frustrated and leaves the piece unfinished.

Patience is a huge part of writing. The act of actually finishing something is, in my experience, relatively rare. One becomes frustrated with the writing, the characters, the plot, the amount yet to be done. There are so many factors working against you, against every writer, that the task can seem impossible. It isn’t.

Here are a few tips for patience. . . . 


* Discover what these tips are by following the links above.

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Banned Bags To Tote Around

Banned Bags To Tote Around


This banned books tote—which features fifty banned titles—is a striking reminder that goes beyond Banned Books Week.

For more of this morning’s roundup, click here:

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Banned Book Mugshots

Banned Book Mugshots

These banned book mugshots are absolutely wonderful – a fine addition to these art and design projects inspired by literature.

(↬ The Paris Review)

All mugshot illustrations at:

Full article here:

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” The book smelled dusty and old but also carried a sweet tang, a hint of something inviting. She opened to the first page and started to read, pronouncing the words in a reverent whisper.”

~ Shannon Hale

” The book smel…