The Writing Café: Cutting Adverbs

The Writing Café: Cutting Adverbs

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Many of us have heard that adverbs are bad for writing and for the most part it’s true. So why is using adverbs considered so terrible?

  • Adverbs tend to cheat your sentences of stronger, more color verbs or phrases. So instead of something like “She smiled softly.” try describing the smile with more vivid language. What makes your character think this girl is smiling softly? How do this girl’s features shift in order to make her smile soft?
  • Adverbs might look good on paper, but read aloud they can sound clunky and awkward. Using too many in a sentence can distract a reader and disrupt the sound of your piece.
  • Adverbs jump out at the reader. They tell the reader exactly what is going on and can give away more than should be given away. If a character has a secret, don’t use adverbs to help establish that secret. Use description, dialogue, mood, and anything else other than adverbs to establish whatever it is you need to get across to your reader in a more subtle manner.

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