Useful Advice To Get Over the Book Blahs

Elementary Reading Advice

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Bookprince’s how-to-get-out-of-a-reading-slump:

1. Relax

It’s okay to be in a reading slump! If you do the same thing all the time it is bound to get tedious or tiring, so don’t feel bad about not wanting to read. Everybody has times when they just can’t get into a book, or don’t feel like picking anything up at all.

2. Read a popular book

There is a reason that the bestsellers are best sellers. There is an element of these books that encourages loads of people to read them, so pick one up and try it. Look at the New York Times bestsellers list for up-to-date bestsellers.

3. Read fan-fiction

If you don’t want to read a whole book, or you’re craving more of that one amazing book that has left you in a book hangover- read some fanfiction. There are thousands out there, so peruse Tumblr to find some recommendations.

4. Re-read one of your favourite books

This is a great way to ease yourself back into reading if you are having a tough time focusing on the words on a page, because you know the plot, you know the characters, and now you just have to let the words drift into your brain.

5. Step out of your comfort zone

Read books in a different genre! Do you normally read YA dystopian novels but you feel they are getting a bit samey? Try a fantasy book. Do you love reading contemporary romances? Dip into some horror. Or just go to a cheap bookstore or charity shop and buy a book you’ve never heard of, it can be refreshing to read an unknown book as there is less pressure to like it and you go in with a blank mind.

6. Listen to an audiobook

You can buy these from iTunes or other App stores, or rent one from your library. Now, when you’re doing the washing, waiting for the bus, or trying to get to sleep you can just listen. A well-chosen audiobook with a good narrator will sweep you into the story!

7. Read a shorter book

Find a book with fewer pages than you are used to, or a YA/middle grade novel with a fast pace. These will take you less time to read and you will hopefully glide through them quickly, allowing you to get back into reading.

8. Get a reading buddy

Call a friend and ask them if they want to read a book at the same time as you. If your friends don’t like reading, find someone on Tumblr (I am more than happy if I’m not reading anything at the time). You will most likely want to finish the book before your friend, so not only is there friendly competition- but you can look forward to a discussion afterwards!

9. Set yourself a daily goal

Do you want to read 50 pages a day? Or will you read for twenty minutes before school or work and then half an hour before you go to sleep? Whether you set your goal in minutes or in pages, this should encourage you to have a routine and get you through a tough book.

10. Take a break

If you really are tired of reading, and nothing will help at the moment, TAKE A BREAK FROM READING. You don’t need to read 24/7, it is tiring, and it’s already amazing that you read at all because so many people don’t. Do something else with your free time; catch up with a tv show, write book reviews, go for a jog, learn how to cook brownies. Never feel bad about not doing something which isn’t appealing to you, you should never feel forced to do anything because reading is only to benefit yourself- not anybody else.

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