Girls’ Realm Of Stories – John F.Shaw & Co. Ltd

Girls’ Realm Of Stories - John F.Shaw & Co. Ltd

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The time has long gone by when it was necessary to say that the “members of the weaker sex” are capable of courage no less ennobling, and of the bravery no less remarkable that that which stands to the credit of men throughout the ages. That there are brave women, no less than there are heroic men, is an accepted fact, and indeed an acceptable truth.

Nor has the world ever lacked for them: their deeds have enriched history and their example has been a stimulating influence of inestimable power to heroic effort. We are, however, the poorer in this, that we know little of their heroism, even less of the heroines. Our faces are for the most part meager, or at best obscured by irrelevant details.

Girls’ Realm Of Stories – John F.Shaw & Co. Ltd

Probably one of my favourite books in my little collection – inscribed to Alma from Hector Proude, Melbourne, September 25, 1915.

Also, probably the most expensive second-hand (or third or fourth) book I have ever bought ($60 AUD) but when I saw it, I just had to have it. It made an interesting read too, even if I did have to hold it in an awkward fashion so as not to damage it!

* This blogger made me wish to find my own copy. Perhaps someday. . . .

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3 thoughts on “Girls’ Realm Of Stories – John F.Shaw & Co. Ltd

  1. Mike says:

    A cherished possession indeed – but today, wouldn’t a book of that description be branded as sexist?

    • LadyRaconteur88 says:

      It probably would. However, I can’t help but find it interesting. I’d like to own in if only to read it, then to discuss how it differs from today’s modern view points.

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