Shhh. . . It’s A Secret.

Shhh. . . It's A Secret.

All of us have secrets we wish to keep secret in order to protect ourselves from judgement or teasing but New Orleans-based artist Candy Chang found a way to give people the opportunity to share their thoughts without having to feel vulnerable to the outside world. Her installation, entitled Confessions, is a public art project that took place in The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For one month, Chang lived in Vegas and turned the P3 Studio Gallery into an interactive exhibit. Visitors could stop by, enter a booth, write whatever thoughts they wanted to share, and drop the confession into a box that mixed anonymously with other slips. Chang then took the anonymous slips and displayed them on the walls, painting selected responses in white against a larger red canvas background.

Throughout the exhibit, the shocking reality of a person’s true secrets are fascinating to read. Some of my favourites can be found in this photoset like:”I’ve been best man to two guys I used to sleep with who went on to marry women”; “My best friend beat a man to death when we were 15. Never told anyone. Still hurts.”

(via adrifts)

More about Chung (as well as her installation) here:

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