The Pull List 8/14/2013

Funk's House of Geekery

The Must Read Comics for the Week of 8/14/2013


East Of West #5

By: Jonathan Hickman, Nick Dragotta

Publisher: Image Comics

The Lowdown: This is pretty much one of the two books that I will suggest whenever they are out. The other one also comes out this week. Hickman’s version of the end of the world is a spaghetti western set in the downfall of humanity, right before the rest of the word dies.   Three of the horsemen of the apocalypse are looking for the rogue fourth one, who is kind of doing whatever the hell he wants to do.


Saga #13

By: Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples

Publisher: Image Comics

The Lowdown: Finally, after what feels like an overly long hiatus, Brian K. Vaughn’s Saga is back! This is the other book that I will suggest every week it is out. Hazel and her parents are out looking for the romance novelist who might actually understand their plight.



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