7 Tips To Help You With The Creative Process

1. Borrow Ideas. Look around the web for your topic, read or learn about them, add your own thoughts or ideas to them. It’s really hard to come up with your own ideas, but you can become inspired by the ideas of others. 

2. Brainstorm. Before you begin working on your task, jot down a few ideas or solutions on paper. Then examine and research more on the ideas. As more ideas and answers pour in, keep adding to your list of brainstormed ideas. 

3. Keep Thinking. I know that in one of my previous article about creativity, I said ‘ideas generally come to you if you don’t think too much about them,’ this is true only when you are trying not to force an idea and don’t yet have an idea to go off from. However, once you have an idea, you want to think as much as possible and research more about the idea so you can keep building it up. Thinking is good once you have something to build on. 

4. Talk to friends or others. You can share your ideas or problems with other people and they can give you their thoughts or criticisms. Don’t take the criticisms negatively, but use them to inspire you. 

5. Rest up or be distracted. If ideas just don’t come to you, perhaps resting up or doing something else can help you get more ideas later. Part of creativity requires insights and these insights come at unexpected times.

6. Pay attention to your sleep dreams if you could remember them. Our dreams are supposed to give us insights or ideas, so paying attention to them might really help especially the more vivid dreams. 

7. Be willing to start over.  If an idea just doesn’t work or can easily be solved, scratch the task off your to-do list for now. Work on another project and come back to it at a later time. Don’t waste too much time working on something that you are stuck on. Furthermore, the more productive you feel, the more ideas you can generate later. 

(Source http://neurolove.me/post/41693654180/7-tips-to-help-you-with-the-creative-process

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One thought on “7 Tips To Help You With The Creative Process

  1. Mike says:

    Much for digestion – thank you for the nudge.

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