The Overlook’s Inspiration

The Overlook's Inspiration

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December 6th and 7th, 2012

I promised the lovely FranticallyLost that I would post these photos of when my mom, Drew and I stayed in the Stanley hotel in the dead of winter in room 217 – the room that Stephen King stayed in that inspired him to write The Shining, and the room that is supposedly the most haunted in the hotel which people frequently claim to have experience paranormal activity in.

When King stayed in this room in 1973, he and his wife were the only guests at The Stanley.

“The wind was high and it was blowing around, and one of the shutters had come unanchored, and it was clapping against the side of the building,” King has said of his stay. “The orchestra was still there, and they were playing, but except for our table, all the chairs were on the tables …

“The music is echoing down the hall, and, I mean, it was like God had put me there to hear that and see those things.”

The result: A wicked tale about Torrance, the winter caretaker of The Overlook Hotel, whose family gets snowed in with a bunch of mean-spirited ghosts. One of them inhabits Room 217.

The Shining’s infamy has prompted a run of ghost sightings and perpetrated three myths about The Stanley, Page says.

“One, the hotel is open year-round, not just in the summer,” she says. “Two, we don’t get nearly the amount of snow that was shown in `The Shining.’ They had to truck in snow from higher elevations to get that `snowed-in’ look.

More of the photos here:

– From The Chicago Tribune:

We drove in late at night and after stopping at the Estes Park sign to admire the stars at 7,522 feet and the clearest sky, we checked into the hotel. They had hardly any guests so they asked us if we wanted 217 because it was available and of course we said yes. The hotel plays The Shining on one of the channels on the TV on a loop every day. Our bookcases were filled with Stephen King books – I’m not sure if all of the rooms are or if just ours was because he stayed in it. We had an incredible king sized bed and the desk that’s pictured is the desk he supposedly started writing the novel on. He definitely didn’t finish it at the hotel, but he is rumored to have started it. One of the last photos that shows the side of the building with the balcony on the left is the balcony to our room.

I heard eerie children’s laughter in the middle of the night and Drew claims he felt something touch him, but that was the extent of ghost activity for us. My mom passed out early and woke up not having experienced anything.

All in all, it was an awesome trip. We meant to go to Rocky Mountain National Park the next day with my mom but it was closed due to a wildfire, so we explored Estes and the brewery instead.

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