I Danced

Overcome with euphoria,
Ensnared by song,
And delirious from fever——
I danced.

Consumed with emotion,
Engulfed by rhythm,
And giddy from desire——
I shook.

Assaulted with longing,
Tempted by melody,
And stung from excitement——
I twirled.

Undone with pleasure,
Hypnotized by lyrics,
And drunk from happiness—-
I swayed.

Content with movement,
Possessed by sound,
And dazed from self expression——
I bowed.

Overjoyed with amusement,
Enraptured by music,
And tipsy from elation—-
I clapped——
Then danced again.

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2 thoughts on “I Danced

  1. I love this poem! 100% relatable. Excellent work

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