Riddle Time!

Riddle Time!

Letters: i-n
Pictograph: felce (ferns)
Pictograph: setaccio (sieve/strainer)
Pictograph: perla (pearl)
Pictograph: more (blackberries)

“Infelice se taccio per l’amore.”
“Unhappy if I keep silent for love.”

Alternatively the following meaning can also be deduced from this, although the verb ‘setacciare’ (to search) wouldn’t really be used in this context in Italian. Yet, when faced with the limitations of picture riddles, it may be acceptable:

“Infelice setaccio per l’amore.”
“Unhappy I search for love.”

[ NOTE: Leonardo often used words that sounded close enough to the syllables or words he needed to create his sentences, hence ‘felce’ becoming ‘felice’. Likewise, the upside down tree image might be ‘muore’ (meaning: ‘dies’), as Leonardo also spelled this as ‘more’ on several occasions. ]

(via leonardian)

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