Terror By Night



Another nightmare. Nothing new or fantastical, only horrifying. The same woman always pursuing, always hunting me while ripping at trembling flesh. There is no escaping this strange possessed being. She demands payment; she demands to suckle on bone.

Stranger still, it is as if I know her. Intimately too. Her pursuit is personal. She rages at me with the intensity of a wronged slighted lover. I can see the hatred in her dead eyes, even though she’s sightless. It sears into the heart of me quickly without any delay.

I flee and my stomach churns. I am about to turn around. I can never stop myself from looking backward (I wish I could). Always, I succumb to curiosity, wishing to know for certain that I am free. During this rem stage, I turn into her arms. I fall towards a godless smile.

Terrible claw like fingers dig deep into me. I scream. I plead with it; I reason to its long absent humanity. This she-devil laughs stinging me with her foul hot breath in response. Her mouth widens more as her tongue lolls lazily to the right. She is hungry and drooling and thirsty for blood. It is here, right before death, that I awaken.

Recently, after I waste a dull minute recouping, a buzzing in my skull begins. It becomes amplified like an opera singer hitting an impossible note. The noise turns into a chant and the chant says, ” Why must you kill yourself? Why must you murder in your sleep?” Frustrated tears spill forth onto my pillow; silent sobs escape my lips. I fall asleep again and hate myself for it. The night knows no end.

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2 thoughts on “Terror By Night

  1. Hi! Do you know if they make any plugins to safeguard against hackers?
    I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard
    on. Any suggestions?

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