Organ Donor

For sale:


In rough condition,
but salvageable.

Comes free of charge with the heart muscle.

All transactions final.

If interested, follow the trail of blood.
It leads straight to my doorstep.

I have it all ready for you.

It is chilled, waiting in my freezer.

I have no use for it;
my love has flown.

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4 thoughts on “Organ Donor

  1. irisoniris says:

    I find it telling of your (or, if you didn’t write it, the writer’s) character, that this poem, despite its sad premise, could be written from such an almost playful perspective. It is salvageable, if anything.

    • LadyRaconteur88 says:

      I was feeling quite sarcastic and cynical when I wrote that piece. If hurt has taught me anything then its taught me to look at things with some semblance of humor. I’m glad you liked it.

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