Once, I fancied us kindred spirits; 
Our souls originating from the same guff.
But I was mistaken—-Wrong. 

You are:
The setting sun,
An ember burning into ash,
The Autumn chill.

I am:
The falling star,
An eager spark bursting into flame,
The Summer heat. 

We two:
Cannot keep the same rhythm,
Nor hum the same tunes,
Or speak the same language.

We belong separate
With many miles between us. 

There is a you,
And there is a me,
But there can never be an us;
That once was and now isn’t —-
Even, in the afterlife we will not be friends
For we are much too different.

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4 thoughts on “Once

  1. davidconfidential says:

    Reblogged this on Dreaming with Icarus and commented:
    Check this out people. It’s beautiful.

  2. persian94 says:

    As a reader, this is just my view okay. I feel that you should write more of these poems. Your skill for writing short stories is good, but your ability to write poems is great. Creativity is a gift, not everyone receives this gift so make the most out of your passion sweetheart

  3. Very honest and powerful expression – well done.

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