Night Air

Evening air hangs thick,
As dreamers count starless skies
Questioning lovers alibis,
Shedding silent testimonies of bitterness——
Wondering what wasn’t enough. 

In this stillness they sit,
Stewing in regret.
Poets bleed ballads onto paper napkins,
Begging for sleep——-
Passing time until forever steps in. 

Then, midnight dust encroaches all,
As dreamers dreams begin to slip
Sinking deep within the ground,
Seeds of desperation take root——-
Stupefying strands of intelligent thought. 

In this darkness they throw fits,
Musing over what could have been.
Slack jawed Casanovas write music,
Singing lyrics sweet——
Stinging ladies ears. 

With the approach of dawn,
Those cursed awake
Accept their fate——-
Resolving themselves to loneliness,
But not sadness.

For morning light brings truth
That sometimes we must wait,
Having faith that our words will be recognized——
Soul-mates taking hands,
Enticing dreamers to dance with them
While damning the chill of the night air;
Walking hand in hand into the dawn.

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