Thanks to the Music

Lost and lonely I turned to The Who,
And ventured into Tommy’s world.
I played pinball there
Saw his father go off the edge
Became a mute,
Deaf and dumb Teenage Wasteland. 

And when Tommy awoke,
I awoke and joined him on his soapbox.
I too felt every punch and blow,
I too connected with God;
I too was redeemed. 

These sincere lyrics set me free. 

Well, strung out and feeling blue I ran to Led Zepplin,
To climb up their Stairway to Heaven. 
I daced with them while they crooned,
Reinventing the blues,
And spoke to a sorrowful woman. 

This lady fair asked me how to buy the stairway;
She wanted to reach the pearly gates.
I told her I didn’t know,
Then listened to one grand guitar solo,
Losing track of time and space.

Such melodies enlightend me. 

So confused and bewildered I reached out to The Beatles,
Became a member of Sergent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Bad,
But played a lousy tambourine man!

We sang goo-goo-ga-joob,
While frolicking on a beach;
The sand kicking at our heels. 
I picked cellophane flowers,
Met Rocky Raccoon as we traveled in my yellow submarine. 

These songs elating my heart strings.

Through the ins and outs of growing up,
The torrential rain storms of my awkward phase
I turned to the sweet wisdom of the greats. 
I let their voices and their stories whisk me away!

I let them mold me,
I let them hold me,
I let them console me,
Which helped transform me into the woman I am today. 

When the world made no sense,
When I felt as if I could die from embarrassment,
Or was feeling overcome with emotions that I could not speak,
I ran towards the open arms of music;
I ran towards rock and roll,
To the bands that can set your mind at ease,
Giving you sweet release to dream——
And simply, peace.

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