Seasons change,
But what remains?
It’s nothing new or splendid. 
It is just an us (a people) of a world that turns,
While we remain unmoving———
Unwilling to embrace Love and all her beauty. 

Yet if the man in Japan realized how his neighbor was starving,
Or that woman in New Zealand fought for better education, 
And that teen in Italy began a petition against the spread of AIDS,
Or if I, an American, took the time to prevent further global warming
Then less of us would remain unmoving——

In fact, we would be momentous in effecting change; 
And each of us could spread the word of Love, 
Along with all her wisdom.

For seasons come and go my friends, 
But what remains?
It’s a something new and splendid:
The Knowledge that we (a people) are brothers and sisters of this Earth,
Compatriots and relatives to a greater cause——-
The fight for Tomorrow’s children in Today’s world.

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