The In-Between


There isn’t any sound here. Only the hum of time passing. I am alone and my flesh naked. Its almost like I’ve been reborn. Here in the womb of all things I stand. Death can be a comfort; life now seems an illusion.

Who was I before this room? Before blue gossamer threads embraced me? Its on the tip of my tongue. I can feel the memories slither there. Its almost like getting scorched by some hot beverage. It tickles then stabs.

All that comes to mind are drunken kisses before a long drive to somewhere unknown to me. I can see the glare of approaching lights. They blind me. Like some wayward deer I feel frozen. Trapped. My irises pop open in surprise before… . What? A collision? Before a bright mass of steel thrashed my insides open? I can hardly say. 

I have an inkling that I passed quickly. Any hurt was numbed by the sheer force of the moment. Oddly enough, the knowledge that I am a goner means little to me. I feel only bored and listless. I wish for clothes, though I am not cold nor have any company. I also wish for slumber. Can souls get tired? I suppose we can. We must. I know I am here aching for a bed and a pillow of my own. Aching for a grave. 

A wind caresses suddenly. Fools me into feeling absent skin prickle. I have goose flesh; I have the shivers. I guess even when deceased the mind can play tricks on us. I wrap my arms around myself, trying to breath but finding I am without the ability. In the distance I can hear music playing. It reminds me of my grandmother’s piano. 

Grandma Patricia used to play hymns for me. I was little swinging my feet beside her whenever her fingers danced across the ivories. She smelled of ginger and mothballs and the pages of worn books. I loved her very much. When she got cancer then grew weaker I used to play for her instead of her playing for me. Sometimes we’d sing together. I’d be off key while she sounded melodic. 

Can you hear it? I can hear it as clearly as day. Its even louder than before. So loud. I follow it without hesitation. I am walking towards the unknown; I am embracing a new chapter in my existence. I am a soul touching the face of God. I am going home. 

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